Cyd Damian
"...A life long artist molded by life..."    -Cyd
Cyd Damian is a versatile artist whose range of creativity provides different levels throughout the artist community. Starting in the music industry, he later found a new way of self expression through colorful abstract paintings and viewing the world through a unique camera lens.

     Born in Rhode Island, Cyd started his journey playing guitar in high school. It wasn’t until he moved out West, that he was introduced to the world of painting and photography.

     The colors and technique in oil paintings seemed to capture the imagination in a different kind of way than the guitar did, and the art of taking a picture in different formats gave the subject a deeper meaning. All of these opened up new venues of self expression that had to be explored.

     Residing in Arizona since 1995, and with no formal training, Cyd uses the inspiration that life brings, along with new self learned themes & values. With the motto - "All God given talents should be explored to the fullest", this is what motivates the creativity from with in.


2002   “The France Series”, Mills End Café, Tempe, AZ  (photography)

2003   “The Fullmoon Series”, Mills End Café, Tempe, AZ  (paintings)
2004    Borders Bookstore, Providence, Rhode Island  (paintings & guitars)

2004    Coffee Plantations, Tempe, AZ  (paintings)

2005    First Friday (twice), Phoenix, AZ  (paintings & photography)

2005    One Place, Phoenix, AZ  (paintings, photography, and guitars)

2006    First Friday, Phoenix, AZ  (paintings & photography)
2006    Scottsdale Art Auction, Scottsdale, AZ  (paintings)

2007    “Commission Series” (private collection), Phoenix, AZ  (paintings)

2008    The 2 Hemisphere’s Gallery, Chandler, AZ  (paintings & photography)

2009    Paisley Violin, Phoenix, AZ  (paintings & guitars)

2011    "The Private Collection", Studio ADT, Tempe, AZ   (paintings & guitars)
2012-13    Continuation of "The Private Collection", Studio ADT, Tempe AZ   (paintings)

2013-13  The "Personal Guitar Collection", SunDust Gallery, Gilbert AZ  (guitars)

Past & Present Music Projects:

Holy Possession, Against The Natural, Simply Chaotic, Obbligato, Luck-a-Belly, I Me Mine, and The Cyd & Andy Show

Music Accomplishments:

ASCAP Member, producer, manager, recording engineer, several appearances on CH 12, an appearance on Inside the Artist Mind, rotation on 98 KUPD & 106.7 KWSS , Tempe Blues Festival, several appearences at the Sunnyslope Art Festival, Zia Record Mini Tour at all the locations (AZ & NV), played the local club scene (AZ & NV) and opened for various national artists and multiple releases to online radio stations as well as retail outlets.

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