Cyd Damian
Here is an example of some projects that I've been involved in over time. Some of these tracks have been released, some demo's, and some never before heard.

Against the Natural was the first serious complete band that started it all, currently with 2 official releases and more to follow.

Simply Chaotic was the first side project after the first ATN album was made. There were no official releases, but 5 albums were to follow.

I Me Mine was created during the recording session of ATN's second album "Redemption" with 2 official releases.

The Cyd & Andy Show was created with Andy from I Me Mine. It is an acoustic instrumental project with  one official release.

I Me Mine also did a Beatles tribute project, 15 tracks were recorded with no official release.

Cyd plays through a number of different instruments to maximize the best tone possible for the moment.  The guitar collection include contributions from: Les Paul, Stratocastor, Ovation, Martin, Alvarez and some knock-offs.  With Marshall providing the amplification, the sounds are quite diverse.
                                                                                  "Addiction" - Redemption (Against the Natural)
                                                             "Redemption" - Redemption (Against the Natural)
                                                                          "Last Chance To Ride" - Sabbath Sessions (Against the Natural)
                                                                          "First Time My Friends" - Sabbath Sessions (Against the Natural)
                                                                                  "Batidas" - Volume 1 (The Cyd & Andy Show)
                                                                       "Orion Slave Girl" - Volume 1 (The Cyd & Andy Show)
                                                                                  "Untitled Poetry" - All Over the World This Is a Symbol for Comfort (Simply Chaotic)
                                                                           "The Ballard Of Bat Dish" - Beyond the Body Electric (I Me Mine)
                                                                       "Lolita" - Beyond the Body Electric (I Me Mine)
                                                                          "Not About You" - Death & Taxes (I Me Mine)
                                                                         "New World" - Death & Taxes (I Me Mine)
                                                                           "Let It Be" - DEMO(I Me Mine covers the Beatles)
                                                                                "I Me Mine" - DEMO (I Me Mine covers the Beatles)
                                                                       "White Trash Boogie" - DEMO (Against the Natural)
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